Private limited liability company (PLLC) "Kauno vandenys" was reorganized from Kaunas state water supply company to a share capital company by decree No. 29 by Kaunas City Board in January 1, 1995. 100 percent shares of this company are managed by Kaunas City Municipality. In 2017 the company operated 1.376.6 km of drinking water networks (1.44% more compared to year of 2016), 926.41 km of domestic and 338.52 km of rainwater sewage networks, 4 water points, 1 water improvement equipment, 12 second water lift pumping stations with 23 water reservoirs (including 1 water tower) and 59 third water lifting pumping stations, 182 sewage pumping stations, 1 grote, mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant and 9 city fountains. In 2017 during a period of one day, 61.6 thousand m3 of water was extracted from groundwater sources. From which was pumped 69.3 thousand m3 of clean water and 83.7 thousand m3 of wastewater was pumped. The company to consumers sold 16,929,7 thousand m3 water. (in 2016 - 16,797.6)